Refund Policy respects and values your relationships with us and hopes that will make a fair use of our services. We will do our best to always be up to your expectations and help you with problems that you might face with your computer. You must use our services only for the computers which you have registered with us and not for unregistered computers. You should not use our service for others like your relatives and friends. has all the rights to bar your services if we feel that your calls to us our intentionally done only for disturbing and harassing our staff. You will not be refunded in any of such intentional misconducts. You will not use any or all portions of our website, will not try to hack our servers, information, email ids or do anything which could result in damaging our image.


Unless you consent, will never share the personal information you provide to us except as described below. may disclose your personal information to third parties under any of the following circumstances:

As may be required to fulfill orders, to conduct billing/credit card processing, to provide service, and for e-mail housing (as a consequence of uses already described in this Privacy Statement).

As required by law (such as responding to a valid subpoena, warrant, audit, or agency action, or to prevent fraud).

For research activities, including the production of statistical reports (such aggregated information is used to describe our services to current and prospective partners and other third parties, and is not used to contact the subjects of the report).

In the context of a business transaction, such as a merger, consolidation, acquisition, or divestiture (pursuant to a pledge of confidentiality under which the recipient agrees to use the information for no purpose other than carrying out the transaction).

YOUR CHOICES ABOUT RECEIVING E-MAIL makes every effort to provide you with the ability to opt-in and opt-out of receiving communications from and/or its partners. may send you e-mail about your account, about the services you have purchased, to remind you about services that are available, or in response to your questions. may also send you e-mail with information and/or special offers about products and services that may be of interest to you, unless you indicate that you do not want to receive them. In addition, with your assent, our business partners may send you such information.

Payment Information: We will require user credit card or debit card information at the time of purchase of our services, to facilitate transactions online or on phone, whichever way the user chooses the transaction to take place. We will use third party payment processing and payment gateways to verify user credit or debit card information, and to process the transaction.

Technical Information: may ask the user for the technical information pertaining to the computer, so that we can resolve technical issues that exist or may arise in your computer system anytime during the service period. This information may include:

  • Date of purchase of the computer
  • Type, make and model of computer hardware
  • Software installed and hardware configured
  • Peripherals attached to the computer
  • What do we use your information for?

Any information gathered from the user of our services may be used in any of the following ways:

To process transactions: We will ask user to provide his/her required personal information that enables the user buy our services online. This information is required to verify and process transactions through payment gateways and merchant account.

To send e-mails: We may use the e-mail address provided by the user, at the time of registration and purchase of our services, to send to the user the information and updates related to the order placed.

If at all the user agrees to subscribe to our newsletter services, we may also use the e-mail address to send to user the company news, updates, products or service, promotional offers and other such information. Please note that the user can unsubscribe from receiving company newsletters anytime. The instructions to unsubscribe from newsletters are mentioned in detail at the end of each such e-mail.

Use of Remote Access provides online-based subscription technical support, for which our technicians would need access to and control of the subscriber (user) computer system. We use software and tools that enable us take control of user computer remotely. This process of remote access to the user computer allows us identify and rectify technical problems without having to come physically to resolve technical issues. does not access to user computer without prior consent. We also request users to remain present in front of the computer while our support technicians are fixing technical issues.

Our support technicians are thoroughly trained to use remote access software. To avoid any event of access to the user confidential information stored on computer or computer network, ensures limited access of the technicians to the data stored on the subscriber computer or network.

Tools Used To Diagnose Technical Problems

Some useful information about user computer system and applications is collected by using online diagnostic tools. uses this gathered infrmation to analyse and solve technical problems in the user computer system. We do not collect and use any sensitive information such as history of websites visited, e-mail messages and addresses, passwords, profiles etc.

Do we use any cookies?

Yes. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on the user hard drive by the browser. Keeping a track on cookies, enable us know the user specifications and preferences. We may use cookies in order to provide you with technical support on our website while you interact with our technical support team. However, the user can change the browser if he/she prefers not to store the information.

Do we record help sessions? may monitor and record online and offline help sessions between end-users and technicians to improve its services. These records will be used to enhance our support knowledge base, improve our services, and company internal research purposes.

Log Files may use IP addresses of the subscribers of its services. It may help us in tracking user movement, manage the website, analyze trends and collect demographic information for collective use.