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Flair Airlines Phone Number For Reservations Call 1800 823 9246

Fly to U.S. | Book Reservations Tickets at Flair Airlines Phone Number and Get Cheap Flights

Flair Airlines gives you an opportunity to check-in online and get your boarding pass printed right at your home and our Flair Airline Phone Number for Reservation gives you an opportunity to get the flight tickets booked very easily and conveniently with us. Once you book Flair Airlines Flight Ticket with us, we will be here taking care of everything from your online check-in to departure of the flight.

Flair Airlines is a low-budget flight that runs for more than 15 destinations with its fleet size of only 8 aircraft.

Flair Airlines bids good-bye to carry-on baggage fees. Flair Airlines straightaway neutralized $ 30 carry-on baggage fees. Isn’t it enough to book your flight with Flair Airlines.

Now, let’s have a look at the baggage policy of Flair Airlines

  1. Personal Bag: The size allowed for the personal bag is 43 X 33 X 17 cms with net weight of 7 Kgs. You can store it under the seat or in front of you.
  2. Over-head or Carry-on Baggage: The permissible limit is 55 X 40 X 22 cm with net weight of 10 Kgs.
  3. First Checked Baggage: It is allowed with total dimension of 158 cms with net weight of 23 Kgs.
  4. The second and the additional baggage holds the same dimensions and weight as it is of the first chacked Baggage.

Get in touch with us via our Flair Airlines Phone Number for Reservation 1800 823 9246 and know heavy discount offers going on right now with us. Know the best discount offer specially made available for you. Call us now on 1800 823 9246.

On Flair Airlines is a private Canadian low-cost airline based in Edmonton, Alberta that operates scheduled passenger services in Canada and seasonally to the USA.

  • The airline operates low-cost airline, ad hoc chartered passenger aircrafts, and cargo services in Canada, Caribbean and United States with over 100 scheduled flights a week to 7 Canadian destinations.
  • Flair Airlines has a total fleet size of 7 Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • The airline operates on the motto – Simple way to fly for less.

The representatives are available at Flair Airlines Phone Number 800 823 9246 assures full information to all those passengers who call them for booking.

The airline is best suited for tour deals, contract organizers, corporate travel planners, sports teams,  cargo movement facilities. Call our travel experts at airlinesphonenumber.net and they will help you with the best price ticket on Flair Airlines.

If you want to know more on how to make a booking on Flair Airlines, our advisor will help you right from providing you a negotiated price to handling all your special requests and provide full information for any query related to the airline’s policy and area of operations.

While booking your flight at the Flair Airlines Phone Number, ask the experts about the prohibited goods to avoid delay in check-in.

Why You Should Choose Flair Airlines Phone Number for Booking Flights?

These & many more such key features are offered by Flair Airlines Phone Number 800 823 9246. Book your flights at low-cost only at Flair Airlines Phone Number. The experts at Flair Airlines Phone Number at this helpline will definitely offer you great deals that you cannot find anywhere else. Visit Flair Airlines Official Website for more details.

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